Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration(OVCA) is in charge of implementing policies relative to personnel, finance, procurements; physical property inventory and disposal; income-generating assets; and utilities(electricity, water, and internal telephone) usage monitoring.

 Assists the Chancellor on policy formulation,review and evaluation of finance, personnel and procurement matters.


OVCA  specific functions:

1. Oversees the operations of the OVCA offices (Diliman Accounting Office;Budget Office;Cash Office;Human Resource and Development Office;Business Concession Office;Utilities Monitoring Team and PABX Office.

2. Through the Fiscal Policy and Operation Committee (FPOC):

a. Formulates and recommends new policies for the approval of the Chancellor or appropriate authority,through channels;

b. Reviews and evaluates existing fiscal policies and operational procedures and recommend revisions/amendment for the approval of the  Chancellor or appropriate authority,through channels;

c. Reviews and evaluates request for funding and/or additional personnel for the approval/disapproval or for appropriate action of the Chancellor;

d. Identifies and recommends fund sources for funding requests;

e. Reviews and evaluates requests for amendments of GTFI/UGFTI/TF utilization for endorsement of the Chancellor to the BOR,thru channels;

f. Reviews and evaluates benefit-related appeals;

g. Reviews and evaluates applications for opening of Trust Accounts of amendments thereof:

3. Approves requests for overtime and requests for unserviceable/scrapped materials.

4. Coordinates with the Commission on Audit (COA) and/or concerned System offices on matters or concerns relative to disbursements,procurement payments,accounting and auditing procedures and requirements.

5. Sits as ex-officio chair in the IBAC, PBAC, FPOC and AdPFC.

6. Chairs the Auction Committee for unserviceable properties ,UPD Performance Management Team(UPD PMT) and Performance Evaluation Committee(PERC).

7. Sits as Vice-Chair of the APFC and Housing Committee.

8. Performs other functions as assigned by the Chancellor.


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