OVC- Administration GOALS:



  •  To provide administrative and fiscal support services and resources in a spirit of  integrity, transparencyeconomy , efficiency, accountability and collegiality  .


  •  To be a model of economy ,efficiency and competence in allocating  and using its resources, that is, optimally aligned with the needs of its clientele, as the steward of  the University's human, physical and financial resources.


  •  To make delivery of its support service (fiscal, manpower and procurement) simple, cost-effective, timely  and  prompt.


  •  To advance the continuous promotion of staff welfare  and development.


  •  To improve personnel services through highly selective recruitment and hiring personnel, competency upgrading      training of non teaching personnel and providing training opportunities in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the latest technologies .


  • To continue review  and evaluation of University policies on fiscal management, procurement and human resource administration for their relevance and responsiveness to the changing need of the University's academic and non academic units.





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