Budget Preparation And the Budget Calendar

  • The Planning Phase
  • Budget Preparation
  • Budget Authorization
  • Budget Implementation
  • Budget Accountability

Funds Available to the Unit for Expenditures

Internal Operating Budget
  • General Fund
  • Revolving Fund
Classification of Expenses or Obligations Charged Against the IOB
  • Capital Outlay (CO)
    • Current Operating Expenditures
    • Personal Services (PS)
    • Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE)
Trust Funds - Student Fees
  • Laboratory Fees
  • Educational Development Fees
  • Library Fees
  • Athletic Fees
  • Cultural Fees
  • Medical Fees
Central Funds which can be tapped for Non-recurring Expenses
  • General Maintenance Fund
  • Supplementary Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Faculty Development Fund
  • Staff Development Fund
  • Equipment Fund
  • Reprogrammed or Programmed Funds for PS, MOOE, or CO

Basic Budgeting and Accounting Concepts

  • Recurring vs Non-Recurring Expenses
  • Proper Charging of Obligations or Expenditures against the Proper Allotment
  • How to Efficiently Monitor Fund Balances and Maximize the use of such Funds
  • What to do with Unpaid Accounts Before the End of the Year
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