1. UPD CY 2015 Budget Proposal for presentation of the Chancellor to the President,originally scheduled on 24 February 2014

2. Preparation of UPD CY 2014 Internal Operating Budget (IOB) for submission to UP System Office Budget on or before 12 March 2012.

3. Preparation of UPD CY 2014 Trust Fund IOB (Student Fees and Income-Fed Trust Funds).

4. Preparation and submission of UPD CY 2015 Budget Preparation documents for submission to UP System Office Budget.

5. Faculty appointment renewal relative to Academic Calendar Shift.

6. Pilot Testing of the SPMS.

7. eUP HRIS roll-out.

8.  Lease Contract renewal for Citimall,Jubilant,and Petron Commonwealth.

9. Review of Strategic HR Plan submitted to UP System.

10. Filling-up of needed items in Accounting,SPMO and HRDO in view of the existing moratorium of filling up positions (for possible lifting).

11. Conversion of dormant accounts (dollar account and reneging fellows account) into active account.

12. BIR Certificate of Tax Exemptions by virtue of RA9500.

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