The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (OVCA) of the University of the Philippines Diliman is composed of the 5 major support units: Diliman Accounting Office(DAO) ; Diliman Budget Office(DBO) ; Cash Office (CO); Human Resource Development Office (HRDO); and Supply Property Management Office. However, effective May of this year, the Business Concession Office (BCO) is temporarily placed under the  OVCA.
As the umbrella office of the major support units, the OVCA assumes a crucial role in facilitating the attainment of the Chancellor's goal of building and enabling and nurturing  environment for the academic and research units, along with their axillary components, to fulfill their respective mandates and mission; and ultimately, the realization of the Chancellor's vision of "a University of the Philippines Diliman that is recognized and respected internationally as a greater university in the Asia-Pacific Rim"
In support of the Chancellor's goal, the OVCA shall endeavor to provide timely administrative and fiscal support services and resources required by the broad sectors of the University and to make certain that the processes and practices employed by the OVCA units for such purposes are founded on the principles of accountability,integrity,efficiency and transparency.
In consonance with the present dispensation's mission , the OVCA, within the next three years,shall pursue the following:

1. Revisit existing processes, procedures and requirements of enhancing transparency,simplifying "docu-tracking" and reducing completion timeline.

2. Review and assess current practices relative to service delivery and system on data and records management with the objective of improving efficiency,information accuracy and establishing accountability.

3. Enhance interaction and feed backing between and among OVCA offices to identify bottlenecks,and accountability; and those between the OVCA offices and their internal clientele for the former to become more pro-active in addressing administrative concerns of the latter.

4. Undertake a two-pronged approach of increasing internally-generated funds-- through identification of potential sources of supplemental internal revenues from among the various UPD units with inherent income-generating functions(revenue centers) , along with improving their income-generating capacity, on the one hand; and recruiting utility and other expenditures, on the other.

5. In coordination/collaboration with the various concerned UPD units/offices and/or the Office of the Vice President for Administration(OVPA), embark on initiatives relative to addressing issues and requirements; filling-up vacant positions,collapsing and conversion of low plantilla  items;  and utility cost-reduction measures.

6. In the meanwhile that the BCO is under the steward ship of the OVCA, BCO shall continue to perform it mandate of administering the business concessionaires of UPD and , at the same time,undertake the needed review of the real rates of those with expiring contracts for the purpose of coming up with a more realistic and competitive rates.

7. The BCO shall continue to peruse vigorously the collection of rental payments form delinquent business establishments; and the enforcement of the terms of reference(TORs) of the contract between UPD and its concessionaires. In the same vein it shall see to it that University is properly  compensated for the utilization of its facilities and spaces for entrepreneurial endeavors by the various units.






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