The University of the Philippines Diliman recognizes and values the contribution of its administrative personnel in the attainment of academic and operational excellence in the University. In recognition of their exemplary performance and dedication to service, the Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Kawani award will be given to outstanding administrative personnel in each of the following categories:

Administrative Personnel: Salary Grades 1 to 8

Administrative Personnel: Salary Grades 9 to below 18

Supervisory Administrative Personnel: SG 18 and above


I.                                  GENERAL GUIDELINES


A.    To be eligible for the 2017 Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Kawani, nominees must: 

1.     Be full-time administrative personnel, who are presently in active service of the University and who, during the preceding year (2015), had not incurred leaves of absence without pay;

2.   Have performance ratings of OUTSTANDING during the periods: January – June 2016 and July-December 2016; 

Note:   Only nominees with performance ratings of “Outstanding” for two consecutive rating periods will be evaluated.

3.     Have not have been issued warning/reprimand for conduct unbecoming of a civil servant; 

4.     Have not been issued a  formal charge of any criminal or administrative offense for the last two years (2015 and 2016);

5.     Not be an awardee for the last three years (2014-2016); and

6.     Have at least five people under their supervision for the Supervisory level category.


B.    All nominations submitted must be properly signed by the nominating party. The nominating party may be the nominee himself/herself.


C.    The following documents must be submitted by the nominee in five (5) copies:

1.     A duly signed formal letter of nomination by the nominating party in either English or Filipino, citing the nominee’s outstanding accomplishments and evaluation of his/her tangible and intangible contributions to the unit, in particular, and to UP, in general. The evaluation must be based on the general criteria for each category and must be presented together with supporting documents. Attached is the form to be used for submission of matrix of accomplishments. You may use additional forms as needed. 

2.     Certified photocopies of certificates of training programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, formal education, etc., attended in 2015 and 2016.

3.     Updated Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport size photo taken in the last six (6) months.

4.   Nominee’s certification of not having been charged or convicted of any administrative or criminal offense for the last two (2) years (2015-2016).If subjected to preventive suspension and the decision was ultimately in favor of the nominee, a certified true copy of the decision must be attached to the certification.

5.     Official Position Description Form (PDF) of the nominee issued and signed by the Head of Unit.


D.    Certified documents to be provided by HRDO (need not be part of document submissions of nominee).

1.     Photocopies of Performance Ratings for the last two (2) rating periods (January – June 2016 and July – December 2016); 

2.     Certification that the nominee is presently in active service in the University and did not incur any leave of absence without pay in 2016; and

3.     Certification that the nominee is clear of any administrative charge and/or had not been convicted for such in the last two years immediately preceding the nomination.

E.    As necessary, the Committee may invite nominees for an interview and may ask for additional documents.


F.    List of all nominees submitted will be posted at the HRDO and OVCA websites and HRDO bulletin board for the information of the public. (Note: Being in the list does not confirm/guarantee eligibility)


II.                                 GENERAL EVALUATION CRITERIA    (Please download the  attached Documents   )


Deadline for Nominations


All nominations should be: 

1.     Submitted with complete documentations, otherwise the nominee will not be eligible for evaluation; and

2.     Addressed to:          Prof. Virginia C. Yap

Vice Chancellor for Administration

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration

Ground Floor, South Wing, Quezon Hall, UP Diliman 

3.     Received not later than 17 March 2017 

Members of the Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Kawani Committee for the Selection of Outstanding Administrative Personnel are not eligible to be nominated or to nominate.


FULL LIST OF NOMINEES BY CATEGORY (Please download the attached list )


For inquiries, please contact Joan Lilo-an of OVCA at telephone number 9818500 loc 2579  or call Ms. LEIZEL P. LECTURA of HRDO at telephone number 9818500 loc 2577/2576; or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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