The Office supervises the operations and maintenance of the PABX, the University's communication network, telephones and radio facilities.


The Private Automated Branch (PABX) unit sustained its goal of reliable and high quality voice services to the University by regularly upgrading infrastructure,service monitoring and rapid response to service outages.

In the late 2008  the digital Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunk lines of UP Diliman were migrated to a more open and stable platform, a move that resulted in significantly improved inbound and outbound calls. In turn, the enhanced performance of trunk lines enabled the offering of new services such as the Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service. Through DID telephones connected to the campus Voice -Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service may be called directly from the outside the University without passing through the telephone operator. This new service could potentially save the University up to P2 million a year in payments to telephone companies like PLDT and Bayantel.

The merging of the management of PABX and the University of Computer Center in January 2009 and the transfer of the PABX unit to the UPCC building in February of  the same year, harmonize their troubleshooting,repair,configuration and expansion activities. Further, the improved coordination of the UPCC's work with that of the PABX resulted in new and more advanced task for the latter. Having been trained by UPCC personnel in fiber-optic cabling  installation, for instance, some PABX team members were tapped to install fiber-optic cabling in some buildings, including the College of Arts and Letters, the UP Theater and UP Integrated School high school building.

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