Utilities Management Team (UMT)


The Utilities Management Team (UMT) office was created under the Memorandum No. ERR-03-058,  to effectively carry out the tasks and activities of the UMC, a Utility Management Team (UMT) of all UP Diliman units is  responsible in  coordinating with the UMC, planning for the utilities of the unit, and implementing projects and activities of the UMC.

The UMT shall be a three-man team that may be composed of the College Secretary, Administrative Officer, Faculty,  Building Administrator, and /or senior staff of the unit; and its office is under the stewardship of the OVCA. The Utilities Management Team functions was to monitor the rising cost of electricity, water and telephone utilities and the decreasing budget being allocated for the University of the Philippines, the Utilities Management Committee (UMC) was reconstituted to determine, maintain, monitor and control the consumption of utilities of all UP Diliman units.

The UMC is currently preparing a program that will establish the following:

1. Metering, monitoring and analyzing utilities
 consumption patterns;

2. Equipment efficiency standards for procurement and maintenance;

3. Optimum budget allocation for utilities through benchmarking taking into consideration the demand per type of occupancy and specific characteristics of the unit classified into academic and non academic usage;

4. Procedures for planning, acquisitions and operating utility equipment and facilities;

5. Projects and activities to implement efficiency, conservation  and cost reduction measures; and

6. Penalty and incentive schemes




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